Saturday, 7 April 2007

Arrested Development

So i was checking out more albums in my uncle's collection and guess what i found:

Arrested Development-3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of... (1992)

This album is one classic shit! I didn't find one song i don't like, the music will make you want to dance like crazy and of course its Arrested Development....who doesn't like them! My uncle told me he will give it to me as a gift :).Damn i love him for that.Without any more explenations, just go and download this album but if you realy like it i recommend you to go and buy it cause this is what i would have done!

1 Man's Final Frontier (2:38)
2 Mama's Always On Stage (3:25)
3 People Everyday (3:26)
4 Blues Happy (0:46)
5 Mr. Wendal (4:06)
6 Children Play With Earth (2:38)
7 Raining Revolution (3:25)
8 Fishin' 4 Religion (4:06)
9 Give A Man A Fish (4:22)
10 U (4:59)
11 Eve Of Reality (1:53)
12 Natural (4:18)
13 Dawn Of The Dreads (5:17)
14 Tennessee (4:32)
15 Washed Away (6:22)


Enjoy everybody from this fine music!