Thursday, 31 May 2007

Like Water For Chocolate

Common-Like Water For Chocolate (2000)

Its a while i didn't post anything because im really busy some here is something to occupie all of the newcomers to hip-hop, my favorite Common album.
I can say that there isn't one song you can hate in the album because of the great flow and the beats are really smooth and very pleasant to hear.
It was my first Common album and it was one of the albums that made me realize that 50 cent is shit (yes i was those who heard this crap because i was unacknowledged about hip-hop).
So enjoy this fine album until ill post a huge compilation of Acid Jazz stuff so keep your self up!

  1. Time Traveling (A Tribute To Fela)
  2. Heat
  3. Cold Blooded
  4. Dooinit
  5. The Light
  6. Funky For You
  7. The Questions
  8. Time Travelin' Reprise
  9. The 6th Sense
  10. A Film Called (Pimp)
  11. Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)
  12. Thelonius
  13. Payback Is A Grandmother
  14. Geto Heaven Part Two
  15. Song For Assata, A - (featuring Cee-Lo)
  16. Pops Rap III...All My Children