Saturday, 12 May 2007

St. Germain

Tourist-St. Germain (2000)

The story behind how i found this artist is kinda amazing.
7 years ago i went to the barbershop to get a cut and suddenly as i came in i heard some great drums playing, and then i remember the sax getting in slowly and then some piano that started playing, everything was all new to me.
Just so you know i was damn little and i was listening all day to all the pop artists (as most of the kids today) so it was a refreshing breeze of air for me.
I told my mother to ask the barber what it is, and then i went to the shop and bought the CD.
With my stupidity i couldnt find the CD anywhere but u have here his newest album.
Everyone will say it's lounge music but as he says and also me, its too beaty for lounge music so i like to call it "Electronic Jazz".
I recommand everyone to try this and to get into some realy amazing music.

1. Rose Rouge
2. Montego Bay Spleen
3. So Flute
4. Land Of...
5. Latin Note
6. Sure Thing
7. Pont Des Arts
8. La Goutte D'Or
9. What You Think About...