Thursday, 17 May 2007

St. Germain Part 2

Ok so today is my study day, it means i have to study all the damn fucking day! so ill post here the 2 others St. Germain albums so we'll have the whole discography (yay :))
The first album is the one i bought an di ripped it in good quality because its the only way to hear this album (the basses will burn your speakers out) and the second is for my buddy "What It Is" from Tree Beats (great blog BTW you should go and check it out), this album is really something different but when i say it different i mean it has a HUUGGE difference than the 2 others album but HUUGGEE, well let's say in the simple words, its more electronic and less jazz (it's still jazzy guys!), but because I'm very open to stuff i heard this album from the beginning to the end and let me tell you,it's not bad but pretty good. It's all the tracks written and produced by St Germain at The Magic House Studio between 1992 and 1996, so enjoy those two albums and comment if you feel generous :) I'm out!

Boulvard-St. Germain (1995)
  1. Deep In It
  2. Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did)
  3. Street Scene (4 Shazz)
  4. Easy To Remember
  5. Sentimental Mood
  6. What’s New ?
  7. Dub Experience II
  8. Forget It
Download Part 1!
Download Part 2!

From Detroit To St Germain- St Germain (1999)

1. Black Man
2. Alabama Blues [Tony Edwards Vocal Mix]
3. Walk So Lonely
4. Jack on the Groove
5. Prélusion
6. French
7. How Do You Plead?
8. Move
9. Deep in It
10. Soul Salsa Soul
11. My Mama Said
12. Dub Experience