Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I Scream Bars For Children

Bambu-I Scream Bars For Children (2007)

Guess who's back! Bambu the bracing, emotional, and oftentimes, lighthearted account of his experiences as an organizer, a nationalist, and a representative of collective struggle, from Native Guns has dropped his new album this year and to tell the truth, its not disappointing at all. This album got out on the 15th anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots at 19th April this year (along with tons of new hot albums). Criticizing never left Bambu's style and its all over the album and is nice to hear that some people care (well not about my country). An album that's worth the check, maybe you'll fall in love with it.

  1. I Scream (prod. by M-Phazes)
  2. Chairman Mao
  3. The Love (prod. by Anon)
  4. Pull It Back
  5. Truth Serum
  6. The Morning After
  7. Riches To Rags (feat. Kronik Plague)
  8. Fuck Yeah
  9. Beach Cruising (prod. by DJ Revolution)
  10. Crack Talk (feat. Roscoe Umali and Eye A Sage)
  11. Home Cooked (feat. Kiwi and Blue Scholars)
  12. Guerra (feat. Quetzal)
  13. Life In Rewind
  14. Nicole
  15. Jeepney (feat. Farmer John)
  16. Always All Day
  17. East L.A. Story (feat. Panama)
  18. Gunshots (feat. Kiwi)
  19. Other Kids
  20. Next Time (prod. by DJ Revolution)
  21. Two Brains

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