Friday, 22 June 2007

New MC Solaar album!

MC Solaar - Chapitre 7 (2007)

Here it is!
The long awaited album from MC Solaar who kind of disappeared latley, just came out 4 days ago and i have it here for you guys.
This album is purely another way of MC Solaar to get into the mainstream and already has a new single Da Vinci Claude which is a huge success in France.
Well i can't say its a bad album but some songs in it really SUCKS as others are really GREAT so its one of those albums that will be disputed for a long time but this is why internet was invented for.
So all is left to say is that this album is very different from his early ones but its still good in some ways, well better than his last one which was a lame way to get into the mainstream.
Its for you to decide if its good or not.
But in my opinion its one of the best this year and full filed my anticipations so I'm happy.
  1. Intro
  2. Carpe Diem
  3. Paris Samba
  4. Clic Clic
  5. Da Vinci Claude
  6. In God We Trust
  7. Coup D'Oeil Dans Le Métro
  8. Si On T'Demande (feat Bambi Cruz)
  9. Au Clair De La Lune
  10. Non Merci
  11. Sous Les Palmiers (feat Black Jack)
  12. Mollah Solaar (Remix)
  13. L'Auberge Du Bouleau Blanc
  14. Ben Oui ! (feat Issara)
  15. Avec Les Loups
  16. Merci
  17. Impact Avec Le Diable
  18. Outro

Comment if you feel like!


Kazeiro said...

I'm afraid to download it, because I'm a big fan of his early stuff, but I've heard some recent songs by him and they were really wack. He is also known for selling out, but I'll check it out before judging.


ariel said...

Well there are some songs your gonna be disappointed from but some are really good so as i said...its for people to decide

Hip-Hop-Head-Oslo said...

Thankyou very much! I live in Norway but I have been a big fan of MC Solaar since the nineties when I spent 2 years in France.

Was thinking the otherday about whether he would release a new album soon, and then I dumped over your blog... Merci Beaucoup!

Oh, and thanks for putting it on rapidshare aswell, it is the best.

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