Wednesday, 6 June 2007

So many good albums this year!!

Here are two albums that got released this year. Those two are up there in the top albums of the year and worth checking out by every one.

Us3 have just released their final album and gets from me a 5/5 AGAIN! since their 1992 "Hands On The Torch" till now they haven't disappointed me. Very jazzy like usual, pleasent to hear and will make you joy for a long time. Do not miss this one if you are a fan of jazzy hip-hop

Last year the Australian group Hilltop Hoods have released their "The Hard Road" album, which was one of the very best albums of last year, and now they have released a whole new mixed way to hear the album, and who can say no to this! Get this one fast!
US3-Say What?! (2007)

  1. Say You Belong To Me
  2. Man On Top
  3. ABC (Listen Up)
  4. Afrodisiac
  5. I Don’t Care
  6. VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?)
  7. Truth & Lies
  8. Intoxicated
  9. The Day That I Died
  10. How ‘Bout It Baby?
  11. If You Don’t Know
  12. I’ll Be Right Back
  13. Money On My Mind

Hilltop Hoods-The Hard Road Restrung (2007)

  1. The Hard Road Restrung
  2. Stopping All Stations Restrung
  3. Conversations From Speakeasy Restrung
  4. An Audience With The Devil Restrung
  5. Monsters Ball Restrung
  6. Breathe Restrung
  7. Another Great Intro
  8. What A Great Night Restrung
  9. Obese Lowlifes Restrung
  10. City Of Light Restrung
  11. Clown Prince Restrung
  12. The Captured Vibe Restrung (Medley)
  13. Recapturing The Vibe Restrung (Medley)
  14. Roll On Up